Blueberry plants
A wide range of blueberry plants in Ukraine from a nursery berry crops

About the company

Farm " Fruktovyy sad АТ" is a registered nursery of berry crops. We have been working on the market since 2008.
We are one of the first in Ukraine to grow in-vitro seedlings of berry crops.
We cooperate with manufacturers, garden centers, online stores, we have retail.
We specialize in the reproduction and cultivation of tall blueberries. The range also includes honeysuckle, actinidia, blackberries, irga, gooseberries, cranberries and a number of decorative heather flowers.
Our mission
Popularization of berry growing in Ukraine. Ukrainian nurseries are competitive among European producers of planting material.
Оur customers
We work with berry growers, online stores, garden centers and retailers. Our products are available to everyone.


Our nursery has many years of experience in growing seedlings of berry and ornamental shrubs.
In our online store a wide range of berry plants and age groups!

Plant base

Our nursery has many years of experience in growing seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees. We have large areas of queen cells, qualified specialists who use modern methods of plant care. We guarantee grade and provide healthy planting material.
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